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Angelo Velardo | Founder

Angelo Velardo Photography

It all began with a Minty wrapper tearing competition. I was 12 years old and used my wrapper tearing skills to win my very first camera. This sparked an immediate interest in photography that never died out.
After finishing my studies, I wasn’t sure how to get into photography as a profession, so started as a lab technician which soon led to portrait photography. Before I knew it, I was photographing weddings and dabbling in studio and product photography.

The next shift came when my friend, who worked for a local newspaper, asked if I’d want to step in and try his role as he transitioned out. That trial turned into a rewarding 16-year stint working for Fairfax Media Community Newspapers in Sydney.
After leaving Fairfax I studied Cinematography at Sydney International Film School which opened my eyes to other forms of storytelling. In fact, in my free time, I travel around Australia and overseas to immerse myself in documentary photography.
Sometimes that has me photographing daily life in India, other days it might be bodybuilders, strippers, farmers or medieval festival-goers (variety is the spice of life!)
Student Portrait

How I Work

No matter what project I’m working on, my photography is never about me. I’m simply here to tell your story or convey a message - whether it’s through product images, an editorial campaign, a corporate headshot or a 60-second video.
My aim is always to find a different angle or creative approach to the shoot, allowing you or your company to stand out in a fresh and exciting way. From a careful planning process through to an organised but relaxed shoot, I’m here to deliver a stress-free and cost-efficient process.

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